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A faintly Christmassy take on an old dance form...

The pastourelle/pastorale, depending on your language, harks back to the compound time folk music for bagpipes that is now associated with the Nativity for, I hope, obvious reasons.

This piece, based on a dance tune by the little known, and even less known-about, John Maynard (c.1577 - c.1633), was originally written for ‘D’ whistle and low ‘D’ whistle for use in an Advent Carol Service, but will work perfectly well on descant and tenor recorders. The tenor can even be replaced by a second descant if need be.


Descant Recorder, Tenor Recorder

Pastourelle on ‘Maynard’s Almain mp3 sample Pastourelle on ‘Maynard’s Almain’ (for Recorder Duet) John Maynard/Ian D. Crew Pastourelle on 'Maynard's Almain' SAMPLE.jpg FREE Free Download