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A suite of three pavans by an aristocratic amateur

from the time of the Thirty Years War...

Moritz, Landgraf von Hessen-Kassel (1572 - 1632) left a significant body of work for us to enjoy. The family of Hessen-Kassel was a subdivison of the larger noble house of Hesse, Germany, and Moritz, or ‘Maurice’ to his English friends, seemed to have spent a little too much time on his musical endeavours and not enough on his duties as Landgraf (a sort of really important count, but not quite a duke). That, together with a bit of a controversial mix-up as to which religion he required his subjects to follow, led to his downfall and the family’s economic ruin. He eventually abdicated. Which just goes to show, once more, that the pursuit of music does not sit comfortably with religion and politics. Especially during the Thirty Years War. I don’t think Maurice really thought things through very thoroughly...


2 Trumpets in Bb,  Horn in F, Trombone, Tuba

1) Pavana [del povero soldato] mp3 sample Three Pavans (for Brass Quintet) Moritz, Landgraf von Hessen-Kassel Hessen - 1) Pavana [del povero soldato] SAMPLE.jpg 2) Pavana del Tomaso de Canona mp3 sample 3) Pavana del Signor Victor mp3 sample Hessen - 2) Pavana del Tomaso de Canona SAMPLE.jpg Hessen - 3) Pavana del Signor Victor SAMPLE.jpg Order this item from Sheet Music Plus