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A Simple Music (for 3 Flutes)

A suite of five pieces for equal ‘voices’,

this version being for three flutes.


3 Flutes

Click on the YouTube link below to hear the entire suite.

The performance is by ‘Flute Cake’, of Exeter, UK.

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This suite of short pieces was originally written for three trombones, but seemed perfectly adaptable for a variety of trio combinations, some of which will appear on this website fairly soon. As the title suggests, the material  is fairly simple in expression and form, though may throw up a few technical or ensemble challenges at times. The overall intention of the music is to recreate the spirit of consort music in the Renaissance period.

The five movements are:

  I) Prelude

 II) Sarabande

III) Waltz

IV) Fughetta

 V) Hymn

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