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Tump’s Maggot (for Recorder Trio)

A Neoclassical take on a Renaissance dance,

for Recorder Trio and Percussion...

Despite its silly title, this is a reasonably serious little piece. I am moderately ashamed to say that the title of the unattributed Renaissance instrumental dance piece ‘My Lady Carey’s Dompe’ still amuses the schoolboy in me, as do many of the titles of the day: ‘My Lord Fiddlefaddle his Pavan’, ‘My Lady Stropper her Galliarde’ and in particular the likes of ‘Mr Beveridge’s Maggot’.

Then, ‘dompe’ became ‘tump’, i.e. an ancient burial mound, and what is more likely to be found in a festering tump than the odd maggot?

As I said, silly title, straight-laced piece…

The tambourine is optional, though desirable, and you’ll need a pretty competent player with a deft touch, and perhaps even the ability to execute a thumb roll. A simple shake is fine though…


2 Descant Recorders, Treble Recorder, Tambourine (optional)

Incidentally, here’s a really interesting video performance of ‘My Lady Carey’s Dompe’

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