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The Trouble With a Grumpy Mule (for flexible ensemble)

The piece that gave the website its name...

Instrumentation: Flexible (Wind) Ensemble

This is the version of 'The Trouble With a Grumpy Mule' for Wind Ensemble. The piece can be performed by a varied, flexible ensemble of wind instruments, together with 3 percussion parts, a piano and a string bass or bass guitar. It is up to the musical director to use his or her musical judgment as to which instruments take on which part, and which take the upper or lower notes when a particular splits. It all depends on the balance of instruments available.

The parts are as follows:

Part 1 Flute(s), Oboe(s), Clarinet(s)/Soprano Sax(es)


Part 2 Oboe(s), Clarinet(s)/Soprano Sax(es), Alto Sax(es), Trumpet(s)/Cornet(s)


Part 3 Clarinet(s), Alto Sax(es)/Tenor Horn(s), Tenor Sax(es)/Baritone Horn(s), Horn(s) in F


Part 4 Bassoon(s)/Trombone(s), Bass Clarinet/Euphonium/TC Trombone, Baritone Sax/Eb Bass, Bb Bass


Percussion 1) Cuíca* + Suspended Cymbal, 2) Wood Block, 3) Guiro + Bass Drum


Piano (or Keyboard)


String Bass (or Bass Guitar)

* In the original performance of the piece, in the absence of a cuíca, the percussionist was required to imitate

   the 'hee-haw' of a donkey. This is quite an amusing alternative, and is perfectly acceptable as long as the

   vocals are sufficiently amplified. In fact, it's rather the point of the piece.

And yes, there is a difference between a donkey and a mule…

…and no, mules don’t go ‘hee-haw’…

...it's just that 'mule' sounds better in the title.

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