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Schools, Colleges, Amateur Groups

Some of the compositions were commissioned for amateur choirs or orchestras, but most of the work here was created with the capabilities of young people in mind: Primary to Secondary level, Beginner to Advanced, Key Stage 1 to GCSE and A level. Or indeed, Elementary to High School and K-12 if you're over the pond.

Wind & Brass

You will see that there is a strong bias toward woodwind and brass instruments, and recorders and wind quintets in particular. In addition, there are a fair few arrangements and original works for choir and solo voices, and the odd string instrument still gets the occasional look-in.

Transcription, copying and commissioning

Using Sibelius software, Grumpy Mule Music also offers a wide range of sheet music services – transcription, copying, or indeed any kind of arranging and composition, in any style and for any performance circumstances.


The name 'Grumpy Mule Music' comes from a piece I wrote for a community orchestra in Hampshire, and was the result of a happy few months’ collaboration with some lovely people. You can download it on the COMPOSITIONS page and find out what it has to do with intransigent beasts of burden in the first place.

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