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A suite of 3 pieces for three brass instruments and percussion...

 1) Westminster

 2) Cuckoo

 3) Grandfather

Parts are written in the correct transposition for the following instruments:

Part 1 Trumpet in Bb, Cornet in Bb

Part 2 Trumpet in Bb, Cornet in Bb, Tenor Horn in Eb, Horn in F

Part 3 Trombone (bass clef at concert pitch), Trombone (treble clef in Bb),                Baritone Horn in Bb, Euphonium in Bb,

               Tuba (bass clef at concert pitch), Tuba (Bass in Eb)

N.B. The instruction to insert mutes for no. 2, 'Cuckoo', can be

            happily ignored if this is not practicable.

Percussion: Temple blocks, Triangle, Vibraslap

(Wood blocks will do just as well for the temple blocks, and the triangle and vibraslap can be executed by a single player as long as the triangle is slung somehow, enabling the player to strike the ball of the vibraslap against his/her thigh.)

For the life of me I cannot remember why I wrote this. The first and third pieces must have been for a mixed bag of players at some point or other, and the second was added only recently. The music is pretty straightforward, but the challenge lies in the counting and also in the tuning – the harmony in this suite is mildly dissonant and a little quirky.

The percussion is an absolute necessity, but can be done quite easily by a non-specialist. The instruments specified are really only suggestions – as long as the ticks, tocks, tings and whirrs are roughly as notated, you can used a chest of drawers and a small frying pan if you like...

Westminster mp3 sample Cuckoo mp3 sample Grandfather mp3 sample 3 Clocks for 3 Brass 1) Westminster SAMPLE.jpg 3 Clocks for 3 Brass 2) Cuckoo SAMPLE.jpg 3 Clocks for 3 Brass 3) Grandfather SAMPLE.jpg 3 Clocks for 3 Brass (for flexible Brass Trio) Ian D. Crew Order this item from Sheet Music Plus